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Securio AF300 2The simple and convenient method of data destruction in the workplace. The document shredder with an automatic paper feed and lockable stack protects inserted stacks of paper from unauthorised access and shreds stacks of paper with up to 300 sheets of paper as well as single sheets of paper easily whilst saving you time.

  • High quality materials and "Made in Germany" quality for security and durability. With 3 years warranty.
  • Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel.
  • Reliable and time-saving shredding of stacks of paper.
  • Lock-and-Go function protects the inserted paper stack against unauthorized access.
  • Powerful motor allows for continuous operation.
  • Nanogrip Technology for reliable sheet intake.
  • Useful dual function: Manual feed of paper during the autofeed stack processing.
  • EcoSmart: Particularly low power consumption of 0.1 Watt in standby mode.
  • Automatic return eliminates paper jams.
  • Quiet operation minimises noise development in the workplace.
  • Multifunction element for intuitive operation.
  • Light barrier for automatic start/stop.
  • Removable waste container for effortless emptying.
  • Level indicator through inspection window.
  • Mobile on castors.

Technical data

Shredder material
Security level (DIN 66399)
Cutting type
particle cut
Cutting width
4,5 mm
Particle length
30 mm
Cutting capacity (80g/m²)
12-14 sheets
Intake width
240 mm
Container volume
34 l
Cutting speed
65 mm/s
Noise level (idle operation)
56 dB
Power consumption of the motor
500 W
230 V
50 Hz
435 mm
395 mm
837 mm
20,6 kg