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HSM shredstar X13Shredstar X13 reduced

This document shredder ensures data security in private areas or home offices. The LED display enable you to easily view the operating state of the machine. An integrated light barrier starts the device automatically and switches it off again after the paper feed ends. The automatic reverse rectifies paper jams and ensures smooth operation. You can always see the level of the waste container through the inspection window, making timely emptying possible.


Product Video

Scope of application: Office
Protection class (DIN 66399)
high, very high
Cutting width
4 mm
Particle length
37 mm
Cutting type
Particle cut
Security level (DIN 66399)
O-1, P-4, T-2, F-1, E-2
Cutting capacity in sheets 80g/m²
Cutting capacity in sheets 70g/m²
Shredder material
Paper, Staples, Paper Clips, CDs, Store Cards
Intake width
230 mm
Container volume / collecting
23 l
Cutting speed
37 mm/s
Throughput capacity per hour
14 kg
Noise level (idle operation)
57 dB(A)
Power consumption
300 W
230 V
50 Hz
Width x Height x Depth
390 x 595 x 300 mm
12,5 kg
white, silver