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A4 Document Shredder

This document shredder ensures data security in the workplace. Its induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers are impervious to staples and paper clips and guarantee long service life. The powerful motor guarantees a high cutting capacity as well as reliable operation even under continuous load. Optimum design of cutting and drive components as well as the closed gear mechanism ensure low noise. The multifunctional operation button enables intuitive use of the machine. The automatic reverse rectifies paper jams and ensures smooth operation. High user safety is guaranteed by the folding safety element, which prevents unintentional intake. The level of the waste container is always visible through the inspection window, making timely emptying possible. The waste container is easy to remove and empty. In standby mode, the energy management and control system EMCS ensures low power consumption. The high-quality materials and proven quality "Made in Germany" guarantee you security and long service life.


Sheet Capacity

7-9 sheets (80 g/m2)

Shredder Material

Paper, Staples, Paper Clips, Credit Cards

Security Level

4, Cross Cut

Shred Size

1.9 x 15 mm

Throat Width

220 mm

Waste Bin Capacity

33 litres


440 W


W375 x D310 x H600 mm


12 kg