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HSM 70.2 Compact



A4 Document Shredder

This document shredder ensures data security in private areas or home offices. Its induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers are impervious to staples and paper clips and guarantee long service life. The integrated rocker switch starts the document shredder automatically and switches it off again after the paper feed ends. The document shredder also switches off automatically when the waste container is full and it is removed. To empty the container you can simply remove the housing top. The infeed opening in the waste container also allows the document shredder to be used as a waste bin. In standby mode, the energy-saving management system ZES ensures zero power consumption. The high-quality materials and proven quality "Made in Germany" guarantee you security and long service life.


Sheet Capacity

4-6 sheets (80 g/m2)

Shredder Material

Paper, Staples, Paper Clips

Security Level

2, Strip Cut

Shred Size

5.8 mm

Throat Width

225 mm

Waste Bin Capacity



80 W


W397 x D180 x H384 mm


1.8 kg