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Kitchen knives - Knife accessories

Preferred by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide. You experience the difference as soon as you pick up a Kyocera Advanced Ceramics knife. The feel - incredibly light yet perfectly balanced in you palm. The blade - beautifully ground with razor sharp precision. But it's when you actually try the knife that the ceramic advantage becomes real - an experience like no other.

Pocket Knives

Exceptional quality folding knives with advanced ceramic Damascus-look blades and stainless steel handles. Ideal for the collector, these unique blades are fired a second time under high pressure and temperature which increases its density, resulting in greater wear resistance. These knives feature ergonomic stainless steel handles inlaid with wood or carbon fiber, smooth round contours fit comfortably in large and small hands. A precision manufactured stainless steel liner lock offers convenient one-handed opening and closing.

Kitchen Tools

For over 20 years, Kyocera advanced ceramic kitchen tools have been making it fast and easy to prepare meals. Thanks to advanced ceramic surfaces, peeled apples won't brown and graters won't rust. Our slicers don't need require set-up and our grinders won't leave a mess on countertops. Save time using these efficient, rust-free peelers, slicers, graters, and grinders for that prep task at hand.


Their long-lasting sharpness is achieved by the hardness, straightness and precise alignment of the advanced ceramic blades. Typically half the weight of traditional scissors, Kyocera advanced ceramic scissors are astonishingly light, sharp and wear-resistant. Non-magnetic and non-conductive, the blades feature safety blunting and proper alignment.

Ceramic Mills

Advanced ceramic grinding mechanism provides consistent, durable performance and will never rust. Perfect for finely ground peppercorns, sea salt, spices or seeds. The clever upright design keeps counters clean. Grinder: advanced ceramic. Body: glass and polypropylene resin. Dishwasher safe. Made in Japan.

Gift sets

Our most popular line, the Revolution series features deeper blades for greater knuckle clearance. Comfortable, ergonomic resin handles provide precise control. Distinctive shape makes it easy to find, easy to use. Offered in black- or white-bladed versions, these sleek, ultra-sharp knives are ideal for everyday use on fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Diamond ground blades. Acetate box. Made in Japan.